Elevated Hierarchy Maps in ServiceNow

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In Enterprise Architecture, making data meaningful to senior management (and other non-technical audiences) is an enormous challenge. Communicating data and complex interdependencies are made easier with Hierarchy Mapping.

Hierarchy Maps provide a standardized and consumable way of representing and aggregating these interdependencies into a single page that can be shared for better decision-making.

At ins-pi, we have built a Hierarchy Map that provides customizable options for viewing real-time enterprise data faster than ever before. With the Designer plugin, data refresh instantly, showing data subsets tailored to specific stakeholders.

Get inspi’red by joining Joy Ike, Product Manager, to learn:

  • The importance of Hierarchy Maps
  • Best practices in creating Hierarchy Maps
  • Color-coding, labels, icons & text in Hierarchy Maps
  • How to keep Hierarchy Maps synced in real-time

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Joy Ike

Product Manager, ins-pi

18th Feb 2021 · 30 Minutes