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        Re-imagining Real-time Indicators in ServiceNow

        ins-pi get inspi'red Expert Session

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        Do you have a need to support end-to-end design-driven transformation by interacting with existing processes through your diagrams and models? We’ve got you covered!

        Designer allows you to display relevant information when and however you want it to appear. Presenting diagrams in a clear and comprehensive way is more essential than ever! With the latest release, we have included a variety of new configurations for your Real-time Indicators to offer you flexibility in their display and positioning.

        Join us for a quick 15-minute tour of the new Text Indicators, usefulness of multiple indicators on a diagram, and see how easy we have made it for you to get from creating to presenting your diagrams in Designer.

        Get inspi’red by joining Joy Ike, Product Manager at ins-pi, and learn about:

        • The importance of Real-time Indicators
        • How to apply and modify Real-time Indicators
        • Launching diagrams in Presentation mode
        • Presentation mode tools and settings

        Designer is a world-class online diagramming and modelling application, native and 100% built on the ServiceNow platform.

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        Joy Ike

        Product Manager, ins-pi

        29th July 2021 · 30 Minutes