ServiceNow Knowledge 2021

ins-pi Sponsored Virtual Event

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ins-pi is proud to partner with ServiceNow for Knowledge 2021, for the 6th year in a row. Knowledge 2021 is a digital conference where the ServiceNow community comes together to share the latest digital workflow best practices and solutions. Registration is FREE.

Join us at our on-demand session to see how ins-pi is teaming with ServiceNow to empower dynamic decision-making across organizations. ins-pi Co-founders, Kadir Özbayram and Klaus Isenbecker, are going to demystify why collecting data have no value in your Enterprise Architecture journey in this session.

ins-pi K21 demo

Come and chat with us live on May 18, we will tune-in live at:

💬 May 18, 09:00 am GMT


💬 May 18, 10:00 am PST

Chat AMS

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Kadir Özbayram

Senior Partner, ins-pi


Klaus Isenbecker

Senior Partner, ins-pi

May 11 - 20, 2021