Digital Transformation Journey
with Lexmark and ins-pi

a webinar in cooperation with Lexmark & ServiceNow

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If you are aiming for successful digital transformation, leveraging Enterprise Architecture is indispensable. The ServiceNow platform and ins-pi’s UPM-X and Designer solutions empower actionable and outcome-driven architecture.

Watch this on-demand webcast to hear how Andy Kopp enabled the Lexmark organization to drive an award-winning digital transformation, and Albert Hsu to learn how easily you can leverage your current ServiceNow environment as a full Enterprise Architecture solution.

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Andy Kopp

Director Transformation Products,



Albert Hsu

Sr. Advisory Solution Consultant,

25th Feb 2021 · 40 Minutes

See in detail how the enterprise architects at Lexmark built a living, breathing Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) as part of transforming how Lexmark does business:


Lexmark Success story