Leveraging Process Digitization for Better Process Governance

a webinar in cooperation with Lexmark

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Many companies attempt to go through Process Digitization only to realize they were wasting great amounts of precious time, money, and effort — simply because they were relying on guesswork.

In this session, we welcome Vincent Lacour to talk about the scope of the Global Business Services (GBS) unit at Lexmark. He unpacks Process Digitization and how the value of an Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) solution can give you the power to find opportunities to re-engineer your processes.

During the webinar's Q&A, we touched upon:

  • How to do maintenance of your Digital Twin if your processes change?
  • How much time did you need to get where you are today?
  • What was the complexity of getting the project up and running? How much training did the tool require?
  • What is the “unimagined vision” in detail?
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Global Business Services - Digital Transformation Director, Lexmark

December 7, 2022 · 40 Minutes

Learn how Lexmark took a giant step into the future with their process digitization initiative

Read the full story of how the GBS team leveraged process digitization to automate, simplify, and optimize internal processes across the entire enterprise. (Did you know that the Lexmark GBS team was named in the Top 20 most admired Shared Services Organizations (SSOs) & Global Business Services (GBS) for 2022 by SSON?)