Modeling for Optra IoT

webinar series in cooperation with Lexmark

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In the second session of the Lexmark webinar series, Process Architect at Lexmark, Ted Perkovich, talks about the IoT side of Enterprise Architecture.

He shows what kind of models they are using internally at Lexmark and how crucial it is to keep your Enterprise Architecture up-to-date.

As a bonus, Ted also shows how Lexmark is using FREELUCY internally as a vehicle for establishing architectural relationships.

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Process Architect, Lexmark

March 16, 2022 · 25 Minutes

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Lead Data Architect from Lexmark, Carol Young, describes Lexmark's Digital Transformation initiative and how they leverage ServiceNow and ins-pi solutions.

This session gives you an overview of who Lexmark is, introduces you to the Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) and the EDT methodology, and lastly – what the benefits of the EDT for the Architect.

Listen to Lexmark Senior Enterprise Architect Mark
DeBeaumont, who talks about system architecture and design, cloud architecture – and how all of these interconnect in an Enterprise Architect’s daily life.

Lexmark’s Enterprise Digital Twin Practice Lead, Kevin Playforth, talks about instantiating a corporate-wide process architecture called Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT). He covers
how ins-pi solutions are used to create a process framework that encapsulates high-level value stream definitions down to user-level keystroke actions inside of standard work instructions.