Shifting Gears in Digital Transformation to Deliver Better Patient Outcomes

Learn how one of the largest US Healthcare providers revitalized their processes through digital transformation.

Success Story: 

Healing Technology Through Enterprise Architecture

This ins-pi client is a not-for-profit healthcare provider, that offers ambulatory and acute health services and other medical services through hundreds of clinics and hospitals in Western United States and additional affiliations in other areas with over thousands of caregivers. It has proven medical expertise and innovation that advances clinical sciences while benefiting the communities served.

Assisting patients in achieving their best health outcomes requires thinking outside the box and being an early adaptor of new technologies, e.g. telehealth services. Designing and managing these patients’ services and intricate underlying technologies requires a deep understanding of their interdependencies. That’s where Enterprise Architecture comes in place. Read the full success story below:



Future State Planning:

Meet Designer

The solutions that inspi'red this story:


Designer is enabling ServiceNow users to create diagrams and models, like in Visio. The biggest difference is that you have real-time access to all your tables and data in ServiceNow. Creating current state diagrams for impact analysis or future state diagrams is just at your fingertips!


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UPM-X elevates ServiceNow to a full-blown enterprise architecture management platform. It becomes a unique solution bringing the planning and operational layers together, without any integrations.


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