Successful Digital Transformation
with Lexmark GBS

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Learn how Lexmark took a giant step into the future with their process digitization initiative

Using two of ins-pi’s solutions, UPM-X and Designer, Lexmark has already taken giant steps to offer a world-class "as-a-service” business model.

But they were not content to stop there.

Process digitization would allow them to automate, simplify, and optimize internal processes across the entire enterprise — and step into the future with speed and agility.

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See how you can leverage Process Digitization for Better Process Governance


Many companies attempt to go through Process Digitization only to realize they were wasting great amounts of precious time, money, and effort — simply because they were relying on guesswork.

In this on-demand webinar, we have Vincent Lacour to talk about the scope of the GBS unit at Lexmark. He unpacks Process Digitization and how the value of an Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) solution can give you the power to find opportunities to re-engineer your processes.

Learn what you can achieve with process digitization and why 62% of our poll participants said that you should focus on automation, optimization, and simplification – all at the same time.

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