Creating an Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT)

ins-pi Webinar with Lexmark featuring Forrester

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You’ve launched & decommissioned products. You’ve entered & exited markets. You’ve merged & divested. But did you consider the impact of your transformation end-to-end on the full enterprise, or was it another greenfield approach?

Rendering an organization’s people, processes, information, and technologies into a living, breathing, and reusable Enterprise Digital Twin establishes the foundation for transformation. Enterprise Architecture is the backbone of defining the governance, methods, standards, and tools anchored as a practice within the organization.

Join this webinar hosted by ins-pi, featuring guest speaker Gordon Barnett of Forrester Research discussing the need for enterprise architecture tools and what new capabilities are necessary. In this webinar, you will also hear from Andy Kopp from Lexmark on practical examples of a successful EA journey, which proves the outcome-driven architecture as defined in the third wave of EA maturity by Forrester in its report, Enterprise Architecture In 2025 And Beyond.

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Director, Transformation Products, Lexmark



Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals, Forrester

June 23, 2020 · 58 Minutes


Want to dig deeper into Lexmark's Enterprise Architecture journey with ins-pi? If you can resonate with one or more of the following pain-points, then you should jump to our 4-part webinar series below:

  • the overwhelming number of EA tools available and lack of standards
  • what really does the Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) do
  • why is keeping your Enterprise Architecture up to date so crucial
  • determining which areas of the solution architecture need additional levels of detail
  • managing the quality of relationships between diagrams