Managing the EA Landscape 100% on ServiceNow

Before turning to ins-pi's real-time diagraming and modeling solution called Designer, the Enterprise Architecture (EA) team at ServiceNow was constrained by diagrams existing as static snapshots of a period in time that did not reflect the organization in real time. The team required an EA solution that allowed Future State Planning based on real-time operational data.

This success story is not just demonstrating the strong partnership between ServiceNow and ins-pi. It proves the unique proposition of bringing the planning and operational levels together on a single platform without any integrations. And it contributes to ServiceNow's internal initiative called "Now on Now" to use ServiceNow as much as possible to support internal processes!

Designer is the missing piece to bring IT & business leaders together to drive better planning and collaboration across APM, PPM, ITOM, ITSM, and more. 

Success Story: 

Now on Now: Enterprise Architecture Management

Driving transformation in an enterprise requires the visibility of planned changes in Operations. At the same time, operational changes need to be reflected in future plans to make sustainable decisions in real-time. 

Download this success story to see how ServiceNow uses ins-pi’s Designer application in combination with Application Portfolio Management (APM) to achieve the following:

  • optimized IT spend,
  • improved visibility & business alignment,
  • reduced time and effort for Solution Architecture development,
  • improved architecture compliance,
  • enhanced visualization of architectural content.


Designer + APM = 100% EAM on ServiceNow

It’s no secret that the right tools to manage the Enterprise Architecture landscape are the central pillar for any successful Enterprise Architecture practice. In this webinar, you will hear how the Enterprise Architecture team at ServiceNow benefited from leveraging solutions running natively on ServiceNow. Combining ins-pi’s Designer with ServiceNow’s Application Portfolio Management (APM), the EA team improved visibility and business alignment, increased productivity, and optimized IT spending.

Hear about the key achievements from aligning Business Capabilities with applications & technologies at ServiceNow from the Head of Enterprise Architecture, Jaydeep Marathe. Senior Partner at ins-pi, Kadir Özbayram, will share how the 100% Built on Now Designer application delivers quicker time-to-value by connecting enterprise architecture and operations in real-time.

Are you spending hours getting the right data together for your transformation initiatives?

Check out the application that helped ServiceNow.





Designer is a real-time diagraming and modeling solution, native to the ServiceNow platform. It supports end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by interacting seamlessly with existing processes through your diagrams to bring your planned changes to life.

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